$140,000 Great Gas Giveaway

Hot Seat Drawings

April 2 – 25 | 5 PM – 8 PM

Fill your tank with winnings by playing slots & table games!
One winner selected every 30 minutes!

Tuesdays | Rancho Mirage
Wednesdays | Palm Springs
Thursdays | Cathedral City

Weekly hot seat winners will play an interactive game to win Agua Fuel, guaranteed free play, promotional chips or up to $100,000 CASH!


Cathedral City| Palm Springs| Rancho Mirage

Agua Caliente Casinos
April 2, 2024 – April 25, 2024

Agua Caliente Casino Rancho Mirage, Agua Caliente Casino Palm Springs & Agua Caliente Casino Cathedral City (referred to as ACCRM ACCPS & ACCCC respectively in the promotion rules), otherwise known as Agua Caliente Casinos, will host the “$139,000 Great Gas Giveaway Hot Seat Drawings” from April 2, 2024 – April 25, 2024, giving ACE Club members who are actively playing with their ACE Club Card at their favorite slot machines or table games, the opportunity to win Promotional Chips, Free Slot Play, Fuel Gift Card or Cash. ACE Club members will be notified of the promotion via property advertisements and direct marketing offers.


ACE Club members will have the opportunity to win Free Slot Play (hereinafter referred to as FSP), Promotional Chips (hereinafter referred to as Non-Negotiable Chips or NNC), Agua Caliente Fuel Gift Card (hereinafter referred to as FGC), or Cash prizes each promotional day by actively playing at their favorite slot machines with their ACE Club Card properly inserted, or with Cardless Connect, or by actively playing at a live table game with an open rating at the time of the drawings. 

Weekly Drawing Structure:

·      The promotion will be held on the following days of the week for each Casino:

o   Tuesdays – ACCRM (April 2, 9, 16, 23)

o   Wednesdays – ACCPS (April 3, 10, 17, 24) 

o   Thursdays – ACCCC (April 4, 11, 18, 25)

Weekly Drawings:

·      Hot Seat selection drawings will be conducted by the Prize Patrol, (comprised of members of the Marketing, Department), and will occur via clear drawing barrel for table games players, and “random rewards” feature of the Patron Management system for slot players.  

·      Every 30 minutes from 5:00pm – 8:00pm, one (1) slots or one (1) table games winner will be randomly selected to play a game experience on a tablet. 

§  5:00pm            Slot Player

§  5:30pm            Table Player

§  6:00pm            Slot Player

§  6:30pm            Table Player

§  7:00pm            Slot Player

§  7:30pm            Table Player

§  8:00pm            Slot Player

·      To qualify, ACE Club members must be actively playing a slot machine with their ACE Club Card properly inserted, or with Cardless Connect, or be actively playing at a live table game with an open rating at the time of the drawing.

·      ACE Club members may win one (1) time during the promotional day.

·      Must be present to win.

·      Seven (7) winners per promotional day.

·      At each casino property, the “Hot Seat” selections shall be conducted from the ACE Club at each property.  The game experience will be conducted at the winning player’s seat.

Great Gas Giveaway Game Experience and Weekly Drawing Structure:

·      In the “Great Gas Giveaway” Game Experience, the “Hot Seat” drawing winner will be presented with an electronic tablet, which shall display a grid of thirty-six icons upon touching the “Play Game” button on the menu screen.

·      The player will be instructed to select six (6) of the thirty-six (36) available symbols displayed on the tablet.  

·      When selected by the player, each icon will display an a “$” symbol or a “Sorry” symbol.  The number of “$” symbols they select shall determine their prize amount.

·      Prize Distribution is as follows:

6 out of 6$100,000 Cash
5 out of 6$1,000 FSP or NNC
4 out of 6$500 FGC
3 out of 6$250 FGC
2 out of 6$500 FSP or NNC
1 out of 6$250 FSP or NNC


·      Patrons may take any prize amount in NNC or FP except that of the $100,000 Cash Grand Prize.

$100,000 Cash Grand Prize Exception:

§  If the $100,000 Cash Grand Prize is won, the promotional game tablet on which the prize was achieved, will lock into a “Jackpot Mode” to be verified by vendor, Odds On Promotions.  Any subsequent drawing winners at that property will then play a manual version of the game experience until the vendor completes their verification process of the Cash Grand Prize and unlocks the tablet. (See Manual Game Experience Rules)

§  Each property’s game tablet operates independently of the other properties.  If the $100,000 Cash Grand Prize is claimed prior to the conclusion of the promotional period, any additional winners who hit the “6 out of 6” Cash Grand Prize qualifier shall receive a consolation prize choice of $1,000 FSP in lieu of the $100,000 Cash Grand Prize.

§  The Cash Grand Prize may only be won once during the promotional period between all three (3) Casino properties.

Manual Game Experience Rules:

§  In the event that the Grand Cash Prize is achieved and the game tablet is temporarily locked in “Jackpot Mode” for verification, any subsequent winners for that property’s promotional day will play a manual game experience to determine their prize until the game tablet is unlocked.

§  Each winner participating via the manual game experience shall be presented with five (5) envelopes, each containing a prize card with one (1) of the remaining prize options.   Winners will select an envelope and reveal the prize card inside.   The prize revealed will be awarded and the prize card will be returned to the envelope.   The envelopes will then be shuffled and used again for any remaining drawing winners, that occur on that promotional day.

§  Once the Cash Grand Prize has been verified, the vendor shall return the game tablet to normal game mode. The manual game experience will conclude and all game experience play will return to the game tablet.

Prize Pool:

§  Combined maximum prizes – $42,000 Fuel Gift Card

§  Combined maximum prizes – $84,000 Free Slot Play or NNC

§  Combined maximum prizes – $100,000 Cash

§  Total prize pool combined  up to $226,000 in Prizes


1.     In order to be eligible to win, players must be actively playing at a live table game with an open rating on their ACE Club Card, at the time the Prize Patrol arrives at the lucky winning table.

2.     Winners will be chosen by selecting a live table game utilizing a drawing barrel with numbered balls. The drawing barrel will be located at the ACE Club at each property. The numbers displayed on the numbered balls will correspond to the identifying table numbers located on the live tables. 

3.     The numbered balls will be selected and drawn by the Prize Patrol.

4.     Once a live table game has been selected, the Prize Patrol will take a set of Oversized Cards numbered 1 to 15 to the chosen Hot Seat Table. The Prize Patrol will present the Oversized Cards to the eligible players face down and fanned out. The eligible players will draw from the Oversized Cards beginning at Seat 1 and going around.  The player who reveals the Oversized Card with the highest number will be deemed the winner for that drawing time.  Any hand in-process will be completed prior to players choosing Oversized Cards.

5.     In the event that there are no active players at the selected table game, the Prize Patrol will select another ball from the drawing barrel and proceed with promotional activity accordingly.  A table may only be drawn once per drawing time, therefore once a table has been drawn, it will not be put back into the barrel until the next drawing time.


1.     Slot players are eligible to win by actively playing with their ACE Club Card properly inserted in the card reader at any eligible slot machine (or via Cardless Connect).

2.     The “Random Rewards” is a feature of the Patron Management system that displays all active slot play in random order when activated. 

3.     When it is time to conduct the drawings, a Marketing or Player Development employee (in this section referred to interchangeably as “Prize Patrol”) will activate the “Random Rewards” option in the Patron Management system from the ACE Club Booth. “Random Rewards” will produce a Player Name, Player ID, and slot machine location. A second member of the Prize Patrol will witness the selection process. Once the patrons name and location are produced, the Prize Patrol will go to the selected slot machine location the Casino Floor. Upon arriving at the selected slot machine, the Prize Patrol will greet the patron gaming at that slot machine to inquire if they are the patron whose Name/Player ID has been selected. The Prize Patrol will verify the win by checking the patrons valid photo ID and ACE Club Card to ensure it matches the name and Player ID drawn by “Random Rewards”. Once the winner is verified, a member of the Prize Patrol will enter the prize amount into the patrons ACE Club account.

4.     If the Prize Patrol arrives at the selected slot machine to find the patron gaming at the machine is utilizing another individual’s ACE Club Card, this patron is ineligible for a Hot Seat Prize. In this situation, the Prize Patrol may then take the next patron to the left who is actively gaming with their own ACE Club Card. The patron must present a valid photo ID that matches the ACE Club Card inserted in the slot machine. 

5.     In the event that the Prize Patrol arrives at a selected slot machine to find that the patron gaming at that slot machine is not the Name and Player ID selected by “Random Rewards”, but this patron is actively gaming with their own ACE Club Card inserted in the slot machine at the time of the Prize Patrol’s arrival, this patron will be deemed the winner. The patron must present a valid photo ID that matches the ACE Club Card inserted in the slot machine. 

6.     In the event that the Prize Patrol arrives at a selected slot machine to find that there is no patron occupying that seat, the Prize Patrol may defer to the next patron on the left, who is actively gaming with their own ACE Club Card inserted in the slot machine at the time of the Prize Patrol’s arrival. This patron must present a valid photo ID that matches the ACE Club Card inserted in the slot machine.

7.     In the event there is not a patron gaming at the selected slot machine, or there are no patrons actively playing with their ACE Club Card inserted in a slot machine at the selected slot machine bank, a new Player Name, Player ID, and slot machine location will be selected in “Random Rewards”. 

8.     The Prize Patrol Team may consist of members of the Marketing, ACE Club, and/or Player Development Departments.


1.     Must be 21 years or older to participate.

2.     Must be an ACE Club member to participate.

3.     Restricted players are not eligible for this promotion.

4.     Employees of Agua Caliente Casinos and Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians with an Agua Caliente Gaming Commission issued gaming license are not eligible to participate. 

5.     All drawing promotions shall have a 30-minute verification period to determine winner eligibility after a winner has been chosen.

6.     All grand prize winning plays are subject to verification by Odds On Promotions whose decisions are final and binding.

7.     Should a contestant appear to win the Grand Prize, the promotion will pause on the digital game tablet until all necessary verification and reset procedures are executed.  Subsequent to the performance of necessary verification and reset procedures, the promotion may continue with no opportunity for another Grand Prize to be awarded.  Should another contestant appear to win another Grand Prize, a consolation prize will be issued as stated in the Prize Structure.   The verified Cash Grand Prize may only be won once during the promotion period between all three (3) properties.

8.     A contestant is not a winner of a Grand Prize, even if the visual display or prize receipt should so indicate, unless the odds established by the intended parameters of the promotion are beaten, as solely determined by the random number generator and memory logs of the promotion software, and the winning play did not occur as a result of any other scenario including but not limited to human error, software error, or machine malfunction.

9.     Current or former employees, family members, agents, successors, or assignees of Agua Caliente Casinos or any promotional agency involved with this promotion shall be ineligible to participate and/or claim any reimbursable prize within.

10.  Names and likenesses of promotion winner(s) may be used by Agua Caliente Casinos and Odds On Promotions for promotional purposes without further compensation.

11.  Winners agree that, as a condition of entry, a Winners Log and a Winners Release Form will be signed prior to the payment of prizes (if applicable). The Winners Release Form gives Agua Caliente Casinos and its agencies the rights to use the winner’s name, character, voice, likeness etc. in any future advertising, without any further compensation due to the winner. The release also holds Agua Caliente Casinos, the ACBCI, its employees, etc. harmless from the award or use of the prize.

12.  The Winners Release Form will include space for two (2) employee signatures: One (1) authorized Marketing representative and one (1) additional signature of an authorized Marketing representative for verification. Winners are responsible for all Federal, State, and local taxes for all awards as a result of this promotion where applicable. Winners must provide a social security number and/or W-9 Form (if applicable) prior to receipt of their award or prize per the ACBCI Reporting and Withholding Internal Controls.

13.  For each winner selected, an authorized Marketing representative will enter the following information on the Winners Log: date and time of the promotion, winner’s name, winner’s ACE Club number and the award or prize won.  The authorized representative of the promotional event shall sign the log with their name and gaming license number attesting to the prize distribution. The winner will sign the log, evidencing they have received the prize.

14.  Winners must show valid identification to claim a prize (i.e. driver’s license, government-issued photo ID card, Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians Tribal ID, military ID or passport:  Federal Regulations prohibit the copying or scanning of military or military dependent identification cards). Winners must also show their ACE Club Card to claim a prize.

15.  Agua Caliente Casinos are not responsible for any technical malfunctions, failures, or difficulties, printing errors, clerical, typographical or other errors within the offering or announcements of any award or prize notification, or for any errors of any kind, whether human, mechanical, clerical, electronic, or technical in nature, including but not limited to areas of the casino facility where speakers are not present or functioning or for the incorrect, inaccurate or failure to capture the appropriate information. Agua Caliente Casinos are not responsible for incomplete, illegible, misdirected, late, lost, damaged, stolen, postage due, direct marketing offers.

16.  The Agua Caliente Casinos reserve the right and sole discretion to disqualify any gaming participant who has been identified as having “tampered”, in any way deemed inappropriate, with the direct marketing offers. This includes but is not limited to, counterfeiting or copying of drawing entries, placing foreign objects or inappropriate markings on the entries or direct marketing offers. This disqualification will also include but is not limited to “tampering” with the entry process or any other promotional related item, or acting in a manner that may be in violation of the Official Rules or in a disruptive manner with the intent to disrupt or to undermine the legitimacy of the promotion or with the intent to annoy, abuse, threaten, or harass any other person(s).

17.  Ace, Edge, or Elite Cards are the property of Agua Caliente Casinos. Use of these cards constitutes acceptance of the Rules of the ACE Players Club and will also be advertised within the ACE Players Club Brochure. 

18.  Direct marketing offers are valid only on the date/time shown on the direct marketing offer and are non-transferable, non-refundable and have no cash value; no change given and may not be combined with any other discount or group rate. 

19.  Facsimiles or reproductions of direct marketing offers will not be accepted; any attempt to duplicate, alter, modify or change offer voids use.

20.  Agua Caliente Casinos are not responsible for equipment malfunctions, including, but not limited to computer systems or any gaming related equipment utilized to administer this promotion.

21.  All patron disputes related to this promotion will be handled in accordance with the ACBCI Guest Disputes Internal Controls.

22.  All promotions will be administered in accordance with the ACBCI systems of internal controls, policies, and procedures.

23.  Agua Caliente Casinos must include a responsible gambling message on printed materials for this promotion where practical. The message will read: Problem Gambling? Call 1-800-GAMBLER. Signage must also be located within each Casino.

24.  A copy of the promotion rules must be displayed or made readily available to patron upon request during the duration of the promotion. The rules may be available via rules poster, rules rack card/flyer, or on the Agua Caliente Casinos website. The Marketing Department will always have a copy of the rules during the promotion.

25.  Prize Patrol Team may consist of members of the Marketing, ACE Players Club, and/or Player Development Department.

26.  The Cash prize winner must be paid at the Main Cage. 

27.  All prizes may be taken in FSP or NNCs except the Grand Prize of $100,000, which must be taken in cash.

28.  Non-Negotiable Chip prizes will be paid out via a voucher issued to the winner that is then redeemed at the Main Cashier’s Cage. Non-Negotiable Chip vouchers expire 24 hours after issuance.

29.  Patrons may choose equal amount FSP or NNC in lieu of the FGC Prize.

30.  If the prize is requested in FSP or NNC, it must be taken in all FSP or all NNC.

31.  Free Slot Play prizes will expire from date of redemption based on the amounts below:

a.     $101 – $1,500 – Expires in 30 days

32.  The Agua Caliente Gaming Commission (hereinafter referred to as the ACGC) retains the right to suspend, rescind, or void any promotion that fails to maintain and protect the assets, integrity and reputation of the Tribe.





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