Pick The Score Professional Baseball promotions

June 1, 2022 – October 31, 2022

Earn a share of $1,400 dollars or more in cash prizes during
(select) Professional Baseball broadcast games from June 1st to October 31st, 2022. 


Rancho Mirage


Poker Room Professional Baseball Promotion

June 1st to October 31st 2022

The Agua Caliente Casino Rancho Mirage Poker Room is offering Poker Players a chance to win their share of $1,400 dollars or more in cash prizes during (select) Professional Baseball broadcast games from June 1st to October 31st, 2022. 


Poker Players playing in a Live Poker Game or Poker Tournament will have an opportunity to win cash prizes by picking the total combined score of both teams for each inning played on selected Professional Baseball Games. Players must fill out a game card before the start of the games to be eligible to play. Players will fill out their guesses for the total score of each inning on their game card.  In the event the baseball game goes into extra innings, the Player’s guesses for extra innings will be recorded in a separate box.


Players who guess the exact score(s) per inning, (innings 1 through 9 and any extra innings if applicable), will win some money. The amount of money Players can win per inning will depend on the number of Players who correctly guess the score(s) at the end of each inning.  The projected prize payout total for any inning of play (1 through 9) will be set at $100 dollars-USD (estimate only). This prize amount may exceeded $100 dollars for four reasons:

  1. The amount of Players who pick the exact winning score(s) is very high.

Example: If 15 Players pick the exact score in the 3rd inning and each Player receives a $10 dollar prize, the total prize payout for that inning would be $150 ($10 x 15 Players).

  • The “Sliding Scale Payout Matrix”, used by the Poker Room, shows an extra payout calculation is required to reach the $100 dollars or more prize threshold.

Example: 3 Players win at $35 dollars x 3 Players = $105) or more in payouts on any one inning. In addition, based on a “Sliding Scale Payout Matrix” (provided to Players upon request by the Poker Room), there may be multiple Players requiring a payout which could exceed the $100 dollars per inning estimations.

  • One or more innings do not have an exact score winner and the prize money for that inning(s) is rolled over to the 9th inning (see “Game Payouts” below), making the 9the inning prize payout greater than $100.
  • The game goes into extra innings necessitating an extra prize payout of $500 dollars-USD for the winner(s), (see “Game Payouts” below).


The payouts for this promotion are as follows:

  • $10 dollars-USD will be the lowest prize payout amount per Player, per inning.
  • $100-USD or more on each inning played equals (9 x $100 = $900 or more prize pool per selected baseball game)
  • Bonus prize payout of $500-USD if the game goes into extra innings.
  • The Poker Room will pay Players who pick the exact score(s) $100 or more per each inning (the $100 or more depends on how many Players pick the exact score(s) per inning).
  • If no Player picks the exact score(s) in any of the first eight innings we will not pay a winner for those innings. The $100 dollars for each inning without a winner will roll over to the ninth inning prize pool.

Example: Innings 1, 2, 3, and 4 each have an exact score picked by one or more Players, (payout of $100 or more for those 4 innings). In innings 5, 6, and 7 no one picks the exact score(s). The prize pool money for those three innings (3 x $100 = $300) will be moved to the 9th inning prize pool. In the 8th inning a Player picks the exact score and wins $100. The final prize pool for the 9th inning will now be $400, ($100 plus the $300 carried over from innings 5, 6 and 7)

  • If no Players pick the exact score in innings 1 through 9 then the Player(s) who picked closest to the final TOTAL COMBINED score of the game shall win.

Example: The 9th inning score is Home Team 4 and Road Team 4 the final “total combined” score for both teams would be 8, (4+4 = 8). The Player(s) who picked the exact final “total combined” score of 8 would be declared the winner(s), (In the event more than one Player chooses the final “total combined” score, the Players would split the prize pool money equally). If no Player(s) picked the correct final “total combined” score, then the Player(s) who pick a total combination of 8 or the closest to it will win the prize pool money. (The total final score of 8 can be made by several combination such as: Home Team 0 and Road Team 8, or Home Team 1 and Road Team 7, or Home Team 2 and Road Team 6, and so on). If no Player(s) picked any combination of 8 the next closest combinations, (7 or 9 or 6 and 10 or 5 and 11 and so on), would win. (In the event more than one Player chooses the closest combination to the final “total combined” score, the Players would split the prize pool money equally).

For the game to go into extra innings the scores at the end of 9 innings must be the same. The example above has the Home team 4 and the Road team 4 and that would make this game go into extra innings. Using this example, we will use the final score of the game, which could be reached in the 10th, 11th, 12th inning and so on, (i.e. Home team 5 and Road team 4 – Final). If any Player picks the exact score they would win $500.  If more than one Player picks the exact score they would equally split the $500. If no Player(s) picks the exact score at the end of extra innings the Player(s) who chose the closest to the final “total combined” score shall be deemed the winner (see above scenario description).  


  1. Poker Players may win only once per inning.
  2. Game cards must be filled out before the start of the Baseball Game.
  3. When filling out a game card, Players must legibly write their picks or number choices in order for the game cards to be accepted. Poker Room decisions regarding illegible game cards will be made at the discretion of Poker Management.
  4. The cash prizes will be paid by the Poker Cashier in the Poker Room.
  5. Winners of this promotion must collect their prize money during the game or immediately after the game has ended. Players shall have 10 minutes after the conclusion of the game to claim their prize.  If a Player fails to claim their prize within the allotted time period the prize shall be forfeited. 
  6. Prize payouts per inning shall be no lower than $10 dollars-USD.
  7. The “Sliding Scale Payout Matrix” will be utilized by the Poker Room in the event an extra payout calculation is required to reach the $100 dollars or more prize threshold in an inning.
  8. Agents are not authorized to participate on behalf of the any Player or collect any awards on behalf of any Player.


  1. Players must be 21 years of age or older to participate.
  2. Restricted Players are not eligible to participate.
  3. Employees of Agua Caliente Casinos, and the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians with an Agua Caliente Gaming Commission issued Gaming License are eligible to participate.
  4. Employees of the Poker Department are not eligible to participate.
  5. Players do not have to be or become an ACE Players’ Club Member to participate.
  6. Winners agree that, as a condition of entry, a Winner’s Log and a Winner’s Release Form will be signed prior to the payment of prizes (if applicable). The Winner’s Logs and Winner’s Release Forms give approval to Agua Caliente Casinos and its agencies the rights to use the winner’s name, character, voice, likeness etc. in any future advertising, without any further compensation due to the winner. The release also holds Agua Caliente Casinos, the ACBCI, and its employees, etc. harmless from the award or use of the prize.
  7. For each award or prize won, the Poker Department employee will enter the following information on the Winner’s Log: date of the promotion, winner’s name and the award or prize won. The Poker Department employee will sign with Employee ID number the last page of the log attesting to the prize distribution.
  8. Winners are responsible for all federal, state and local taxes for all awards as a result of this promotion where applicable. Winners must provide a Social Security number (and/or W-9 Form) if applicable prior to receipt of their award or prize per the ACBCI Reporting and Withholding Internal Controls.
  9. The Agua Caliente Casinos reserve the right and sole discretion to disqualify any gaming participant who has been identified as having “tampered”, in any way deemed inappropriate, with the direct marketing offers. This includes but is not limited to, counterfeiting or copying of drawing entries, placing foreign objects or inappropriate markings on the entries or direct marketing offers. This disqualification will also include but is not limited to “tampering” with the entry process or any other promotional related item, or acting in a manner that may be in violation of the Official Rules or in a disruptive manner with the intent to disrupt or to undermine the legitimacy of the promotion or with the intent to annoy, abuse, threaten, or harass any other person(s).
  10. Agua Caliente Casinos are not responsible for equipment malfunctions, including, but not limited to computer systems or any gaming related equipment utilized to administer this promotion.
  11. All guest disputes related to this promotion will be handled in accordance with the ACBCI Internal Controls for Guest Disputes.
  12. The promotion will be administered in accordance with ACBCI systems of Internal Controls, Policies and Procedures.
  13. Agua Caliente Casinos will include a responsible gambling message on printed materials for this promotion where practical. The message will read: Problem Gambling? Call 1-800-GAMBLER. Signage must be located within each casino.
  14. A copy of the promotion rules must be displayed or made readily available to patron upon request during the duration of the promotion. The rules may be available via rules poster, rules rack card/flyer, or on the Agua Caliente Casinos website(s). The Poker Department will always have a copy of the rules during the promotion.
  15. The Agua Caliente Gaming Commission (hereinafter referred to as ACGC) retains the right to suspend, rescind, or void any promotion that fails to maintain and protect the assets, integrity and reputation of the Tribe. 



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